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Batliboi Environmental Engineering Limited (BEEL), earlier known as Hydraulic & General Engineers Limited (HGE) is an independent Company with focused management controls. The Company was formed in March 1998, by merging Batliboi Environmental Engineering Group (BEEG) and Hydraulic & General Engineers Limited (HGE).This business unit conducts its business through the following subdivisions.

Air Pollution Control Division

Air Pollution Control Division is actively involved in design, selection, engineering, installation and commissioning of Air Pollution Control systems, in accordance with the stringent international pollution control laws. This Division has the entire range (both dry and wet type) of pollution control equipment including high efficiency centrifugal fans to take care of the entire system. This is the only unit in the country which can give the entire Pollution Control requirement from a single source. And With the expertise gained over the years and our state-of-the art engineering capabilities, Batliboi Environmental Engineering Ltd., designs, installs and commissions Air Pollution Control systems to International standards. Our list of satisfied customers run to pages.
Most of the Air Pollution Control systems designed by us are for specific application. Our association with our technical collaborators, gives us the experience and expertise to select equipment and design the systems with special attention to auxiliary items such as interconnecting ducting, dampers, conditioning towers, process pumps, piping, compressed air system etc.

Typical applications like steel plant ventilation, electric arc furnace ventilation, boiler flue gas Ventilation, desulphurisation, both dry and wet types, have been designed and supplied by us and are working satisfactorily in many process industries like steel plant, cement plant, chemical industry etc.

We have the entire range (both dry and wet type) of pollution control equipment including high efficiency centrifugal fans to take care of the entire systems. We form a single point source for all Pollution Control requirements in the country. We are proud to mention that some of the biggest projects in the steel industry, chemical industry and cement plant have been completed successfully by us, along with the application of scrubbing hazardous gas in the manufacture of optical fibers


Batliboi Environmental Engineering Ltd, in association with BELTRAN TECHNOLOGIES – USA , as part of our endeavor to promote technologies to reduce the environmental pollution and preserve the environment, will be providing power generation from Waste to Energy by gasification technology.
The Beltran Gasification Technology for biomass waste disposal and energy generation with production of syngas for electricity and heat fulfills the requirements of integrated prevention and reduction of environmental pollution. All of engine exhaust air and waste water is completely purified by the integrated exhaust air- and waste water modules and thus can be released back to the environment. Produced waste water reaches processing water quality.

Industrial Fans

Industrial Fans Division is a product of our own engineering effort at our R & D centre, at Udhna. Industrial Centrifugal Fans upto 15,00,000 M^3/Hr are offered. Large heavy duty fans are supplied to industries such as Iron & Steel, Cement, Boiler manufacturers, Power stations, Chemical and Petrochemicals.

Industrial Fans Division entered into a technical collaboration with Ventilatorenfabrik Oelde GmbH of Germany in the year 1990 to manufacture Industrial Centrifugal Fans as per VENTI design and quality. The core team of Batliboi was trained in VENTI's Design Department and Workshop so that Venti quality standards are met.
Large Heavy-duty fans are supplied by us to the Iron and Steel Industry, the Cement Industry, to Boiler manufacturers and Power stations, for Mines, to the Chemical and Petro-chemical industries, for wide variety of industrial engineering applications. Requirements made of heavy-duty fans vary from industry to industry.
We can cater to any customized need with our engineering and technological backup along with the exhaustive experience of our collaborators and our own experience developed in the past few years.

  • Our Industrial Centrifugal fans are a perfect blend of advance technology and reliability. BEEL fans are exclusively designed with technical know how of German collaborator Venti Oelde (Gmbh)
  • Our entire design engineering, manufacturing and Quality control activities are based on Venti technology.

Liquid Pollution Control

Liquid Pollution Control Division has the capability and the expertise to undertake mega turnkey projects for Water Sewage, Effluent and Tertiary Treatment Plants. The division maintains its leadership position in the Water and Waste water Management Systems.The largest sewage treatment plant in Asia, at Okhla, Delhi has been executed by us.
BATLIBOI ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING LIMITED (BEEL), is a wholly owned subsidiary of Batliboi Ltd. The company was earlier operating in the name of HYDRAULIC & GENERAL ENGINEERS LIMITED (HGE) which was a Public Limited Company established under the Indian Companies Act in 1956.
BEELs history can be traced to M/s. Duncan Straton - a British Company operating in India during pre-independence days in Pollution Control Activities. After independence, however, the control and the interests of the company were gradually handed over to local technocrats and entrepreneur who renamed the company as Hydraulic & General Engineers Limited in the year 1959. The company had technical collaboration with M/s. Ames Crosta of U.K. (manufacturers and suppliers of Pollution Control Equipment like Bar Screens, Grit Separators, Aerators, Clarifiers etc.) till mid 70s. M/s. Batliboi Limited - a 300 crores multi division engineering company took over BEEL in 1976 as its wholly owned subsidiary.

BEEL has leadership position in the Water and Wastewater Management Systems viz. Turnkey Execution of Sewage Treatment Plant, Effluent Treatment Plant, Water Treatment Plant, Sewerage Systems and supply of Systems and proprietary equipment related to Liquid Pollution Control and Water Treatment. The largest Sewage Treatment Plant in Asia at Okhla, Delhi has been constructed by BEEL. Recently, BEEL has also been awarded a 5 MGD Sewage Reclamation Plant involving Reverse Osmosis by Rashtriya Chemicals & Fertilizers Limited, Chembur, Mumbai - which also is one of the largest installations of its kind in the world.

BEEL has its own proprietary equipment 'HYLIC' related to Liquid Pollution Control and Water Treatment. Besides, it has also capabilities and expertise to execute turnkey projects in the true sense of its term related to above areas.