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The BEEL - Beltran Gasification Technology for biomass waste disposal and energy generation with production of syngas for electricity and heat fulfills the requirements of integrated prevention and reduction of environmental pollution. All of engine exhaust air and waste water is completely purified by the integrated exhaust air- and waste water modules and thus can be released back to the environment. Produced waste water reaches processing water quality.

The processing technology of Beltran for thermal biomass waste disposal and syngas generation, including electricity and thermal energy is applicable to a wide range of biomass waste material, including:

  • Wood and woody materials
  • Agricultural wastes such as coconut shells, palm shells etc.
  • Combustibles recovered from Municipal and industrial wastes (RDF)
  • Dry sewage sludge of waste water treatment plants
  • Rubber and plastics waste including Tyre waste
  • Chemical and oily waste
  • Other combustible none-hazardous solid materials (SRF)
  • Plant sizes / Modular method of construction

The modular construction enables individualized adaptation of tasks. Beltran Gasification Plants as well as the gas clean up modules and WESP - Plants are basically built in a modular way. This enables a successive expansion via convenient single components when the demand is growing and cost effectiveness when the plant is not operating at full capacity. Therefore, the plant conception of Beltran can be expanded at any time and, likewise, unused capacities which can be turned off.

Operation Facilities:

The demand for operation facilities for running the operation of Beltran Gasification Plant is, in comparison to existing incineration technologies, very low. The Beltran Technology requires only a small amount of external energy; nearly all processes are fed by energy produced during the process. Only small amounts of consumable material (e.g. propane/butane gas or fuel oil for conventional ignition during start-up and flare pilot torch, make up water for water scrubber and plasma-WESP) is necessary. However, these consumables are negligible amount consumables. The internal electrical energy demand of the gasification plant is around 5% of the total energy produced by the gasification plant. Therefore, only maximum 75kWe is needed to operate 1.5MWe output each gasification plant. 

Typical Expected Syngas composition from RDF gasification


% Volume (Dry)















GCV (MJ/Nm3)